Menudo & Pozole

A Great Alternative to Canned Menudo & Pozole

Dolores Canning Co. has made Menudo & Pozole since 1954, and although we stopped selling canned products some time ago, we continued to make a foodservice product for restaurants & foodservice.  

Like our famous Chili Brick, our Menudo and Pozole are made fresh in our Los Angeles, CA USDA-inspected facility and packaged for food service, available in “Heat and Serve” packaging.

Why Choose Dolores Menudo or Pozole?:

Not only is our Dolores Menudo and Pozole a great alternative to canned product, but it’s also rich in flavor and made with only the best ingredients. In our Dolores Menudo, we use top-quality tripe and the pork for our Pozole comes from top suppliers.

Here’s a few more reasons why Dolores Menudo and Pozole is a must try:

  • Tastes like it’s homemade
  • Heat & serve within minutes
  • Fresh alternative to canned product
  • No Bisphenol A (BPA) 
  • Low sodium (25% lower than the leading brand!)
  • Made with Sea Salt


  • Use our Dolores 10 lb. Menudo or Pozole for your Restaurant or Catering Trucks
  • Easy to use, great taste and low cost per serving


Hot Dog & Hamburger Stands
Fast Food Establishments
Quick Service Restaurants
Chain Restaurants
Snack Bars
Special Events
Menudo Cook-Offs

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