Dolores Menudo

A Great Alternative to Canned Menudo & Pozole

Dolores Canning Co. has made Menudo & Pozole since 1954, and although we stopped selling canned products about 20 years ago, we continued to make a foodservice product for restaurants & foodservice.  We are now introducing our retail pack, 4.5-pound tray.  This product is available in all Southern California Vallarta Supermarkets with more stores to be added soon.

Like our famous Chili Brick, our Menudo and Pozole are made fresh in our Los Angeles, CA USDA-inspected facility and packaged for grocery outlets. Available in the fresh meat case or behind freezer doors, Dolores Menudo and Pozole is a great alternative to canned product.

Buy Dolores Menudo or Pozole Now

Click here to visit our store locator or here to visit Vallarta’s website, or purchase a 2-pack online today on our web store. If you have any problems finding either product, please contact Dolores at  323-263.9155.

Dolores Pozole

Why Choose Dolores Menudo or Pozole?:

Not only is our Dolores Menudo and Pozole a great alternative to canned product, but it’s also rich in flavor and made with only the best ingredients. In our Dolores Menudo, we use top-quality tripe and the pork for our Pozole comes from top suppliers.

Here’s a few more reasons why Dolores Menudo and Pozole is a must try:

  • Tastes like it’s homemade
  • Heat & serve within minutes
  • Fresh alternative to canned product
  • No Bisphenol A (BPA) 
  • Low sodium (25% lower than the leading brand!)
  • Made with Sea Salt

Great for Foodservice:

  • Use our Dolores 4.5 lb. Menudo or Pozole for your Restaurant or Catering Trucks
  • Easy to use, great taste and low cost per serving

Easy to Make

Dolores Menudo and Pozole are both easy to prepare. Simply thaw, remove from tray, heat and serve. Garnish our Menudo with diced raw onions, freshly chopped cilantro and a squeeze of lemon, and garnish Dolores Pozole with fresh cut lettuce or cabbage and a squeeze of lemon.