Dolores Vegetarian and Gluten Free Chili Brick is currently in stock at all Food4Less store locations in Southern California. Dolores Vegetarian, Gluten Free Chili Available in Food4Less Stores

Dolores’ original all-beef brick chili and Chicken Chili Brick have been available in Food4Less stores in the fresh meat case and behind freezer doors for years, and now another Dolores Chili product made it on shelves.

The Vegetarian chili is located in the Meat Department at 116 Southern California Food4Less stores alongside the Dolores “Original Beef” and the Dolores Chicken Chili Brick. Like the beef and chicken chili, the 1-pound Dolores Vegetarian Chili Brick sells for $3.99 at Food4Less stores.

The gluten free product was introduced in 2018. Fans of Dolores Chili products were asking for something both vegetarian and gluten free, and Dolores listened.

It is crafted with the same Dolores family recipes as the other brick chili products, but the ingredients include only texturized vegetable protein and other oats, spices and flavoring. It’s just as easy to thaw and serve, and one brick makes up to four servings.

Dolores Veggie Chili is currently available in other grocery outlets, but this is the largest chain of stores to offer the product.

Fans of the vegetarian chili sometimes keep it simple by serving it straight or adding their favorite veggies from beans to onion. The flavor is great for a number of recipes such as Dolores Vegetarian Chili Dip or Dolores Vegetarian Chili over rice.

“Dolores Vegetarian Chili provides the same great Dolores Taste. It’s so good, you won’t believe it’s vegetarian,” said Dolores Canning Co. president, David Munoz.

Dolores Chili is made at Dolores Canning Co. in East Los Angeles. Dolores products, including the beef, chicken and veggie chili are available in grocery chains including Albertson’s, Ralphs, Stater Brothers and Vons, as well as in countless independents.

Food4Less is a subsidiary of The Kroger Co. with headquarters in Los Angeles, CA. Kroger is also the parent company of Ralphs, which will be the next chain of stores to stock Dolores Vegetarian Chili alongside the beef and chicken chili flavors.

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