On Tuesday, Jan. 22, Dolores Chili will team up with Philippe the Original in Downtown L.A. to give away 500 cups of delicious Dolores Chili to customers. Dolores to Sponsor 9th Annual Free Chili Day

The first 500 people who hit the doors starting at 10:30 a.m. will receive a voucher for a free cup of Dolores chili, with the purchase of a sandwich. Guests will receive a voucher at one of the two main entrances upon arriving to the restaurant, which can be redeemed at any carver station.

Each cup of chili comes just how you like it; with or without beans, and topped with shredded cheddar cheese, or onions.

This is the ninth straight year Philippe’s and Dolores Chili has teamed up for this event.

The two companies have a relationship built upon time. The 1970’s is when it all began and Dolores Chili is still sold exclusively at Philippe’s. Both establishments have plenty in common being family-owned, Los Angeles-based companies. Dolores has been in business since 1954 and Philippe’s celebrated 110 years in October. Dolores and Philippe’s are run by third and fourth generation family members, respectively, and both are built with the intent of hard work and core values that make them so great.

Philippe’s, being one of the oldest and best-known restaurants in Southern California and nationwide, is renowned by its chili which pairs well with any of French Dips, including: beef, pork, ham, lamb, turkey and pastrami.

Dolores Chili is available at Philippe’s daily by the cup or bowl, with or without beans and all the fixings, and is served with a side of crackers. Some French Dip lovers even like to dip or top their sandwich with it.

Dolores Chili is made at Dolores Canning Co. in East Los Angeles. The all-beef Dolores Chili Brick is sold in 16 oz. packages in grocery stores throughout the Western United States, including: Albertson’s, Food 4 Less, Ralphs and Stater Brothers. Another option is a five-pound tray for larger entertainment feasts like the big game at Smart & Final. They also have a Chicken Chili Brick and a Vegetarian Chili Brick for sale. For more information and store locations, visit www.doloreschili.com.

In addition to free chili, guests can enjoy raffles and giveaways throughout the event. Get to Philippe’s early, 500 cups of chili goes fast.

What: Free Chili Day 2019

When: Tuesday, Jan. 22 beginning at 10:30 a.m.

Where: Philippe the Original 1001 N. Alameda St., Los Angeles.

Why: Because everyone loves a heart cup of warm chili to pair with a Philippe’s French Dip