Dolores Chicken Chili Brick

In 2010, after much request from fans and suppliers, Dolores introduced the Chicken Chili Brick®, 100 percent chicken with the same Dolores family recipes that made the original brick famous. Like the all beef brick, Chicken Chili Brick® is frozen in the brick shape and sold in 20-ounce and 5-pound packages in chain and independent grocers, by food service distributors and in restaurants.

Check out the link below to learn about the History of Chili:

Chili Brick® is an Award Winning Chili.

Just add water to reach desired consistency! Available in Retail and Food Service sizes.

Grocery Stores:

  • Use our Dolores 20 oz. Chili Brick. It simply goes from our box to your meat case.
  • Our chili sells best in the fresh meat case next the ground beef and sausages.
  • Excellent eight-week shelf life after removing from your freezer.


  • Use our Dolores 5# Chili Brick for your Restaurant, Catering Trucks, or Hot Deli
  • Easy to use, great taste and low cost per serving.