Dolores’s Chili Brick® is now available in 20 Southern California Walmart Neighborhood Markets, and can be found in the fresh meat case. Each brick is 16 ounces of all-beef chili and yields about 3-4 servings after adding water or broth.  Besides being enjoyed straight by the cup or bowl with just a few toppings such as diced onions or shredded cheddar. Dolores Chili Brick® can be added to nachos, pizza, hotdogs, hamburgers; the options… + Read More

A holiday like no other will be celebrated across the nation tomorrow. National Chili Day falls on the fourth Thursday in February, and this year, SoCal residents have an excuse to indulge in their favorite chili. Dolores Chili Brick has become a preferred chili by many nationwide. The 16-ounce brick-shaped frozen chili is sold in grocers and online. The chili has become widely popular because it is a tasteful and fun alternative to typical canned… + Read More

For many, this Sunday’s big game between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks is more than just about rooting for your team. It’s about fun with friends and family, parities and drinks. And all of that is centered around one thing. Food. So what makes your party unique? We have some ideas to help you make your guests smile and it starts with Dolores Chili. Easy-to-prepare and diverse, Dolores Chili can be served straight,… + Read More

Philippe the Original will turn up the heat this January with the fourth annual Free Chili Day, sponsored by Dolores Chili. Downtown L.A.-based Philippe’s will give the first 500 guests a free cup of Dolores Chili with the purchase of any sandwich on Monday, January 27, beginning at 10:30 a.m. “It’s a great event and a memorable day for many – some come specifically for Free Chili Day, while others show up and get a… + Read More

A pairing made in culinary heaven, Dolores Canning Co., home of the award-winning all beef Chili Brick, has partnered with Fonda Don Chon Restaurant, 618 Shoppers Lane, to distribute the latter’s tasty garlic butter spread. Dolores Chili will distribute Fonda Don Chon’s garlic butter, called “Mojo” to grocery stores near you. Popular amongst patrons who visit the Covina, California restaurant, consumers will be able to take home a 14-oz. container to use in pasta, bread,… + Read More

Foodies everywhere can now enjoy their favorite chili, with a new twist, but with the same tasty results now available at their neighborhood Smart & Final. Smart & Final, the Los Angeles-based “smaller, faster warehouse store”, has added another item to its freezer section from a local family business, Dolores Canning Co., Inc. Smart & Final, has sold Dolores’ original, award-winning all beef Chili Brick for more than three decades.  The new chicken version is… + Read More

Los Angeles’ favorite chili has come to the desert. Dolores Chili has expanded distribution of its Beef Brick Chili to Fry’s Food Stores in Arizona. Now, 140 Fry’s locations carry Dolores’ famous Chili Brick at a price of $4.99 each. In 2012, the Los Angeles-based company expanded its in-store reach as far east as Illinois. That added to the reach of Dolores’ already-popular online store at, which carries Dolores’ full range of chili products:… + Read More

There’s no such thing as a free lunch but there’s no rule against free chili — and lots of it. Tuesday, January 29 is FREE Chili Day at Philippe the Original, sponsored by Dolores Chili. Beginning at 10:30 a.m., the first 500 visitors to Philippe will receive a free cup of chili with the purchase of any sandwich. The chili can be served with or without beans, and topped with cheese and/or onions, upon request. In… + Read More

With its delicious combination of chicken, waffles, grits, gravy and other Southern dishes, Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles made classic southern food popular in Los Angeles. Now Los Angeles is bringing its tastiest restaurant to the rest of the country. Dolores Canning Co., Inc. of Los Angeles, CA, will be packaging and distributing Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles products to retailers nationwide.  The new products will be sold under the “Roscoe’s At Home” label.  The first… + Read More

For those looking for a warm culinary treat during the cold of fall and winter, Dolores Chili has the tasty answer. Beginning Saturday, Dec. 1, grocery shoppers at select Chicago Food 4 Less stores, can learn how to make “Pepper Bellies.” This delectable treat combines Dolores Chili with crunchy Fritos© Corn Chips to satisfy any appetite. Demonstrators will present the proper way to prepare Dolores’ famous All-Beef Chili Brick topped with the popular snack.  In addition to demonstrating their product, Dolores… + Read More