Dolores Canning Co., Inc.

is a Los Angeles based firm specializing in Quality Mexican Food Products. Originally founded in 1954 as a distributor of Beef & Pork products, we have since expanded our product line to include processed foods such as Pickled Pork products, our famous all Beef and Chicken Chili Brick and canned Menudo. We currently manufacture these products and others, under the Dolores label. Our products are sold throughout major grocery outlets and countless independents and food distributors throughout the Western United States.


Steve & Augustine Muñoz

Co-Founders and Brothers
March 1970


Dolores Canning Co., Inc. is USDA Establishment #2891 – HACCP Approved, Total Quality Control Plant We operate under a USDA HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) usda certifiedPlan. In addition,we are one of the very few companies in our industry with special status as a “Total Quality Control” establishment. Dolores Canning has a strong history of compliance and cooperation with the USDA and is considered one of the top firms in its circuit of inspection.


Augustine L. Muñoz circa 1965


Augustine Munoz