Dolores Chili announced this week that their 1-pound all beef Chili Brick is now available in all Smart & Final stores. 

The award-winning Dolores Chili – both beef and chicken – has been available at several Smart&Final stores throughout Southern California for decades, but the addition of the 1-pound beef chili into all Smart&Final stores is exciting for chili lovers everywhere.

Smart&Final has carried the 5-pound Dolores Chili tray. However, the smaller, 1-pound brick is favored by those who are looking to use it to feed fewer as a topping on burgers, hot dogs or for a side dish to complement other items.

Dolores’ all beef chili is seasoned to perfection, with a hint of spice at Dolores Chili’s manufacturing plant in Los Angeles.

The 1-pound brick can be found in the frozen section at Smart&Final stores.

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